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"La fantasía y el sentimiento. La obra imperfecta, inacabada y abierta...
Subjetivismo absoluto. Una colección de ideas, pensamientos, momentos...
La belleza es verdad. Pure romanticism"

Ivan Monroy - Director General/ Editor en Jefe NoWHERE Magazine

NoWHERE  cada da pasos mas altos para posicionarse como una de las mejores revistas de artes y moda en latinoamérica, creo que el trabajo en equipo a logrado que cada nueva edición sea aun mejor que la anterior. En esta ocasión con magníficos artículos sobre el fotògrafo  Ivan Aguirre, la ilustradora Violeta Hernández, editorial de moda "La Vie Ordinarie" fotografìa Javier Rey, en cuestión de música el articulo "El puestito de música", entrevista con la diseñadora colombiana Laura Acevedo (ROSALICRADOS), The Next Generation por Camila Barrera y por cierto este ultimo articulo uno de mis favoritos!

(Imagen Portada - Fotografía. Javier Rey  -  Styling. Laura Acevedo y Alejandro Diaz - Dirección de Arte. Alejandro Diaz - Prendas. ROSALICRADOS - Modelo. Maria Andrea Gómez - Agradecimientos. Gabriel Rojas)

Espero que les guste esta edición,!
Asi que hechale un vistazo! 

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Anna's  speech when she received the "People's Voice" prize, presented by Daniel Radcliffe at Webby Awards.

"Sometimes... Geeks can be Chic"
Anna Wintour.

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M a r t h a  &  A l e j a n d r o

Mother my darling, Mother my dear.
I love you, I love you
Each day of the year.
You are so sweet,
And you are so kind.
And I am so glad that you are mine!
 Scissor Sisters - Take your Mama

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NoWhere Magazine 2011/ May Edition

NoWhere Magazine 2011/ May Edition

An exploration of various ideas that arise around the concept of purity and minimalism. Lauder and interviews with Prince and Jesuz Florez (Photographer). A look at the work of Diego Zúñiga. "The fallen gods of Olympus" (Los Dioses caidos dle Olimpo). In addition to the month's music recommendations. The style guide section and our new gadgets.

 My contribution to this edition has been with the article "Los Dioses Caidos del Olimpo" and the interview with Colombian photographer Jesúz Florez (I Hate Jesuz) you can see his work on
Just fall in love, for this cover work of Prince Láuder.
I hope you like too, and enjoy this second edition of NW Magazine.
A great job of NW Team.


Open publication - Free publishing - More arte

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A young woman, married with the Prince Charles of Wales.
A fairy tale, which we all know that ended in betrayal, lies and a tragic accident.
It was not all bad for Lady Di, she was one of the pioneering women
in social work for people in needs, her love for the people and dedication were unmatched.

Icon of fashion, we remember her because she was one of the most remarkable,
powerful and humble women in the world.

"I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them"
Lady Di.

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Photo by Stiven Klein (American Vogue / April 2010)

Vogue US Magazine pays tribute to British designer Alexander McQueen (rip) in May 2011 edition,  with a magnificent editorial with the title of "Alexander The Great", photography by renowned photographer  Stiven Meisel and the intervention of  the fashion editor Grace Coddington, she makes this editorial tribute to McQueen "In two words sublime and excellent".

Giant boxes the size of elephant containers arrived in New York earlier this year. I was there as they were unpacked - rather than contain exotic animals, these crates were filled with some of the most imaginative and stunning pieces of clothing ever created. The photographs, giving a mini tour in the work of the designer presented some of his best pieces from past collections (such as works of art). The designer Sarah Burton (Creative Director of Mcqueen) tells us details of each creation.

let your eyes light up!


“The collection was about the 1745 massacre of the Scottish Jacobites by the English, which Lee felt so passionately about because of his Scottish family heritage, which his mother had researched. The women were the widows of the slaughtered army. This dress was actually based on my wedding dress—I got married two years earlier. We had to figure out how to make lace work in the round with those ruffles because Lee hated gathering. So we cut out all of the flowers from the lace and reappliquéd it on tulle to make our own fabric. This is the collection most people remember as the one with Kate Moss in a hologram. Oh, my God, it was so beautiful. He loved that show.” 
On model Karen Elson: silk-lace ruffled dress.


“So much of this show was about the collective madness of the world. It was presented in a two-way mirrored glass box in London, and the girls had bandaged heads, acting like inmates of a mental asylum. Lee wanted the top of this dress to be made from surgical slides used for hospital specimens, which we found in a medical-supply shop on Wigmore Street. Then we hand-painted them red, drilled holes in each one, and sewed them on so they looked like paillettes. We hand-painted white ostrich feathers and dip-dyed each one to layer in the skirt.”
On model Stella Tennant: red-and-black ostrich-feather dress.


“This was from the amazing show in London where Shalom Harlow stood on a turntable and was spray-painted by robots. This particular look was made from wood to form the shape of a fan: It was all about the craftsmanship. The wooden wings were in this show, too, and the prosthetic legs he had carved for Aimee Mullins, who walked in the show. That was so moving. There were so many ideas in there. Each of his shows was like ten of anyone else’s.”
On model Karlie Kloss: leather halter top and wood fan skirt.


“The collection was based on Handel’s ‘Sarabande’ in the film Barry Lyndon. It was held in the round at the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione in Paris, with classical musicians playing onstage under a giant chandelier. This dress had fresh flowers on it. We put them on just before she went out, and they started to fall off one by one as she walked. I remember people saying Lee timed it. We had a laugh about that. It was an accident!”
On model Caroline Trentini: silk dress embroidered with silk and fresh roses, hydrangeas, and peonies.


 “All the girls were dressed as chess pieces, and the show was choreographed as a chess game. It was about the chessboard of fashion. Lee did have foresight and a sense of humor! This is one of the two horse pieces. He made it by commissioning Steve Powell, a hospital prosthetics expert, to make the body. And the horsetails were from the same suppliers who make the plumes for the queen’s Royal Horse Guards.”
On model Raquel Zimmermann: molded leather dress with horsehair skirt.  



“This is a straitjacket, a kimono with the sleeves strapped around the back, embroidered with raised birds and flowers, and the flowers on the hat were real. I saved all the showpieces from every collection because I’m an obsessive, obsessive hoarder. Sometimes Lee would look at them again, just to remember what he’d done with something. It was his dictionary he was building, really.”
On model Coco Rocha: silk-embroidered wool jacket and cigarette pants.

Enjoy it!

SHOWstudio - Tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight, music by Björk. 


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ESSENTIALS/ For this Season


Oh! right this it the Essentials Mens Edition (Pieces or articles) for this season. For this winter, you can wear Oversize (Jackets, Coats, Poncho.. etc.), Fur (maybe Fake*), Leather Jackets, Military or Sailor touch (Jackets), Sportwear Mix, Colors of the season (Burgundy, Mustard, Orange, Electric Blue). More about trends in my previous post (Mens Fall Winter 2011/12). And remember it, the idea is to dress according to your personality and comfort. I suggest you only ideas, and you choose which one fits in your style.

Music Video of today is courtesy of : Big Bang Band (Korean 빅뱅) is a South Korean group of hip hop, R & B and electro pop, consisting of five members: G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri. I think the video is really good and the song too ( is a tipic boy band, but this is better "stylish" - great work- .. I like to see it the differents looks of them, remember me Yohi Yamamoto and Hedi Slimane clothing line (And BackStreet Boys, 'N Sync, New Kids on the Block..90's and 80's boy bands ahahhahaha) , It's a really cool band,... just enjoy it.
 Enjoy It!
 BigBag - Love Song